Map shows where crimes are occurring in Eastlake’s map shows where crimes are happening. Click here or click the picture to go to the real map.

At its meeting last night (Wednesday, Feb. 17), the Eastlake Community Council Board talked about plans for a public meeting in April on emergency preparedness and crime.

Canek Gordillo and Cecilia Grevson are in charge of the ECC’s committee on crime prevention and preparedness. Gordillo told the board that they hope the public meeting will include representatives from the police department and other emergency services. Part of the focus will be on helping Eastlake neighbors to help each other in case of a natural disaster. The other part will be focusing awareness on crime prevention.

As I’ve pointed out in posts about the monthly Seattle Police Department crime statistics, its tough to know how we’re faring because Eastlake is split between two precincts. North of E. Lynn, the neighborhood is in the East Precinct (headquartered on Capitol Hill on 12th). South of E. Lynn, the neighborhood is under the West Precinct (headquarters are downtown on Virginia). Our crime stats get folded in with Capitol Hill or downtown.

There is a way to see what crimes are being reported here. Check out the interactive crime map maintained by our fellow Neighborlogs news site, You can see crimes for today, this week or this month. Or, you can set a date range. You can sort for different types of crimes. Just click the drop-down lists.

In the screen shot attached to this post, I’ve selected property crimes for the past month. When you go to the real map, you’ll be able to click on those blue dots to see a pop-up showing details of the crime. The map also shows fire and aid calls. also has a new app for your iPhone and iTouch that lets you tap into the map while you’re on the go.

We’ll have more details on the ECC’s public meeting on crime and emergency preparedness when they are available.