Seattle Times loves Cicchetti

The Seattle Times’ Providence Cicero reviewed Cicchetti, Serafina owner Susan Kaufman’s new restaurant, and came away impressed. “A charming hangout with echoes of Venice,” the headline from last Friday’s paper says.

Cicero highlighted the bar’s extensive list of cocktails. “The bar gets more acreage than the kitchen because this is a drinks- driven place,” Cicero notes.

As for the food at Cicchetti, Cicero says:

The food riffs on Mediterranean flavors. It’s simple, uncomplicated fare and many of the two dozen hot and cold plates rank high on the bell curve of bar food.

What did she like? Port and fennel sausage, red snapper, the “oven floor cheese,” salt-cod fritters and ricotta fritters.

In conclusion: “Unpretentious, convivial and affordable, Cicchetti attracts a broad swath of citizenry. I suggest you park your gondola in the shade and give it a try.”

Read the whole Seattle Times review here.

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