Graffiti on I-5 noise walls: Who to call?

Eastlake’s new noise walls along I-5 are tempting targets for graffiti artists.

The walls are mostly inaccessible on the freeway side, but not totally. I noticed the graffiti in the photo on the Harvard E. side of the freeway on Monday. There’s a planting area on that side so it’s possible to gain access to the wall.

Tim Ditch, bridge supervisor for the Washington State Department of Transportation says that graffiti facing the freeway is the responsibility of his department. If it faces the street (which is much easier to access), the responsibility belongs to the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Ditch says that WSDOT has a graffiti report page on its Web site:

SDOT also has a graffiti reporting page online:

Ditch says the graffiti in the photo has been painted over. It’s still visible, but not nearly as bright as it was in the photos.