10th reopened after Metro bomb scare (with photos)

UPDATE: Photos added. Route 49 returns to regular service at 6:48 p.m.

6:48 p.m.: Metro says Route 49 has returned to its regular service.

Coverage from Capitol Hill Seattle: 6:47PM - They are reopening 10th to traffic. Assuming that means a bomb free end to 2009. Happy New Year!

6:54PM - Believe it or not, the bus and driver at the middle of this incident are now back on the route and heading up Broadway — after a quick slice of pizza.

7:02PM – I’m told by somebody with knowledge of the incident that the 49 driver found an item left on the bus that looked like a bomb. The person would not say what the item was but that it’s possible the item was designed to cause a scare. We’ll try to confirm this with Metro or SPD who are typically tight-lipped in these situations.

Original Eastlake Ave. Blog post: Capitol Hill Seattle reports that police are evacuating homes and businesses near 10th Avenue E. just above Roanoke after information was received that there may be a bomb on Metro’s Route 49 bus. The bus is parked on 10th just above Roanoke. Read more here.

More coverage from Capitol Hill Seattle:

Police are evacuating homes and businesses near along 10th Ave after receiving information that there may be a bomb aboard a Metro bus.

5:40PM – The bus is currently parked on the west side of 10th just above Roanoke. It appears to be route 48. Nobody is aboard the bus at this time.

5:48PM – Traffic is blocked completely on 10th. There is no detour route to I5 so people are having to turn around and head back up Hill. Officers at scene say WDOT is aware of the situation but no word if 520 or I5 are going to have any closures.

5:57PM – An officer just hailed the bus with bullhorn. ‘This is the Seattle Police Department. If there is anyone on the bus, you need to exit toward the sound of my voice. Do it now’

6:06PM – I’ve been told the call about the threat first came in from the #49 driver and was not called in by a person threatening with a bomb. A squad of investigators is examing a possible explosive device on the bus.

 6:12PM – In affairs of the tummy, the Pagliacci outlet at 10th and Miller is shut down on one of their biggest nights of the year. If you need pizza on Capitol Hill, you’re in for a wait.

6:29PM – Posting from field so lemme clear a few bugs. First, it’s a route 49 bus. Second, the map generated on this post is showing the wrong location. Sounds like my iPhone added old geolocation. This is happening at 10th and Roanoke.

Thanks to Justin for coverage from Capitol Hill Seattle.