Demolition permit issued for old Daly’s Drive-In

The old Daly’s Drive-In on the site will be torn down to make way for the new building.

The City of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development issued a demolition permit on Nov. 5 for the old Daly’s Drive-In on Eastlake Avenue E. A new three-story commercial building is planned on the site at 2701 Eastlake Ave. E.

Also issued on Nov. 5 was a land-use permit for the project. Application for that permit was made in August.

No word on when demolition might take place. Repeated requests for information from the architects and owners of the property haven’t been answered.

In August, the DPD conditionally granted a design review to the project. That review focused on departure from city codes in the areas of parking location and access, loading berths, height of non-residential street-level space, blank facades and transparency at street level, and curb-cut width.

The site drops steeply from Eastlake Avenue down to Yale Terrace, which will make it tricky to enter the garage and loading docks from Yale Terrace and E. Edgar. The height of the garage ceiling was allowed to be reduced to 10 feet instead of the standard 13 feet to make entry easier off E. Edgar.

The land use permit issued Nov. 5 doesn’t offer much detail:

Land Use Application to allow a 3-story building containing 6,220 sq. ft. of retail at ground level and 45,895 sq. ft. of office space above. Parking for 83 vehicles to be provided below grade. Project includes 12,050 cu. yds. of grading. Existing structure to be removed.

A PDF of plans for the site from the Callison Architects are here (these plans are from September 2008 and will probably be changed to reflect the design review by the city).

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  1. Norm Gregory

    When did Daly’s close for business? And why? I have fond memories of the place. It was there for years.

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