Art from Seattle Children’s Hospital patients showing at Louisa’s

A new show is hanging on the walls at Louisa’s Cafe Bakery: art from patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The show opened Sunday with a late-afternoon reception.

Rosalie Frankel, the art therapist at Children’s, said the work in the show comes from patients ranging in age from 6 to 18. The art therapy program usually serves patients from 5 to 21 years old. The purpose of the program is to help give the youngsters a break from being patients.

“It’s a great diversion from all the medical things going on,” Frankel said. “It helps them feel like they’re kids and not just patients.”

It also allows the young artists a way to build rapport with doctors and nurses, she added, because the kids can share their art with the medical team.

Her work is done on all units and is usually done at the bedside. She brings an art cart filled with materials and encourages the kids to create things that will make them “feel better,” according to the statement with the show.

The work in the show at Louisa’s ranges from simple crayon drawings to paper cutouts and even a very professional comic strip, episodes of which can be seen online at

Eastlake resident James Metz, a pediatrician at Children’s, helped organize the show and bring it to Louisa’s. Frankel says the works aren’t for sale but will be returned to the young artists. The show will be up until the first or second week of December.