Pizza shop owner apologizes to Eastlake for pot guilty plea

Dave Mendoza, the owner of Pazzo’s Restaurant, 2307 Eastlake Ave. E., has issued a letter of apology to the Eastlake community for his role in importing Canadian marijuana into the U.S.

Mendoza pleaded guilty in June to importing thousands of pounds of marijuana into the U.S., “much of it by helicopter,” according to the Associated Press. He was expected to be sentenced in September but it appears that he is still being held at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center.

In his letter, Mendoza says he has owned Pazzo’s since it was established in 1987. He and four friends originally opened the restaurant. He also owned a theater in Bend, Oregon.

“The intent of this letter,” he writes, “is not to seek remorse, but rather to express a sincere apology to my Eastlake community for what I have done.”

“I am truly sorry for my actions, the results of those decisions, and the breach of trust, in which you as a neighborhood had given me. No matter where you sit on the morality, or legality of marijuana, I still broke the laws of the United States, and more importantly, the integrity of my community, and the trust of my family. For this, I sincerely hope that you, as my community, will accept my deepest apologies.”

Mendoza writes that he has received close to a hundred letters of support (and a few of “condonment”) from Eastlake residents.

You can read the entire letter here.

2 thoughts on “Pizza shop owner apologizes to Eastlake for pot guilty plea

  1. King Rat

    Someone has to bring the pot in. He seems like a nice enough guy to do it, rather than really seedy people. I’d rather he not apologize and just continue to bring in more pot. I realize that’s not exactly a good idea for him personally now that he’s been busted.

    (Nope. Not a pothead myself. Never even tried it.)

  2. Angry Sam

    What he did was illegal, but it wasn’t wrong. I’m sorry Mr. Mendoza has to live in a country that will put him in federal prison for years simply because he provided to market a product that is at worst a recreational drug and at best medically essential.

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