July crime stats: Big increase in vehicle thefts

The July crime statistics have been released by the Seattle Police Department. Vehicle thefts were up dramatically — 140% — in the two precincts Eastlake is a part of.

As I’ve explained before, it’s difficult to see Eastlake’s exact numbers in these statistics. We’re included in two larger police beats (Capitol Hill and the Cascade neighborhoods). To make it even more difficult, Eastlake is split between two police precints: North of E. Lynn, you live in the East Precinct; south of Lynn, you’re in the West Precinct (check the attached precinct map to make sense of this).

So, crimes that show up on this report may, or may not, have occurred in Eastlake. My unscientific observation is that our crime rate seems to be lower than Capitol Hill or downtown.

In July, vehicle thefts took a big jump to 12, up from five in June. But, that was one less than July 2008.

Burglary and theft were both up four from June 2009, but both categories were down from July 2008.

There was one rape last month (not sure where), compared to none in June 2009 or July 2008.

The Seattle Police Department reports that, citywide, major crimes were up 6% from a year ago, but that’s down from a 7% increase at midyear. The SPD also says:

“Violent Crimes are up 22% compared with the same period one year ago; and Property Crimes are up 5%. The year-to-date Major Crime increase has moderated each month in 2009, since the beginning of the year.”

You can see more from the SPD here.

Thanks to Scott of Central District News for the stats.