Eastlake Fall Gathering: A great evening in the neighborhood

The Eastlake Fall Gathering packed Louisa’s Cafe Bakery on Thursday for a fun, relaxed evening of conversation, food and wine.

I saw some now-familar faces but met lots of new people who live in the neighborhood. Alcena Plum, Louisa’s owner, supplied great appetizers and wine for those attending. Slimpickins played their rootsy music.

It was really quite nice.

There was no agenda, just a chance to chat and get to know each other. Some folks talked neighborhood issues, others the still-precarious state of the economy or what they’d done this summer or … whatever.

Thanks go to the Eastlake Community Council and Alcena from Louisa’s for sponsoring and supporting the evening. Mary Hansen did the terrific poster. Also deserving thanks is Kate Dulemba, who put together last summer’s movie night at Rogers Playfield and did the event planning honors again.

I’ll admit up front: I did a bad job getting names to go with the photos. I’ll put in what names I know. If you know names for folks I’ve missed, e-mail me at curtmilton (at) comcast.net and I’ll add them. Or put them in the comments.

Update: I’ve added a few more names. Thanks, Tim and Melissa! There are still a few people unidentified. If you know who they are, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Eastlake Fall Gathering: A great evening in the neighborhood

  1. striatic

    My wife and I enjoyed going out and meeting our neighbours.

    Lots of thanks to Kate especially for planning this fun event.

  2. KateD

    Thanks all! Let’s do it again soon…keep checking back for information on our NEXT community event. Thanks for taking photos Curt! We couldn’t do it without your help!

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