Tako Truk: Going, going …

It’s not gone yet, but Tako Truk, the summer-only street-food eatery on Eastlake Ave., is heading into the home stretch. If your week isn’t complete without some Coco Piggy or a Tako Taco, you’d better hurry.

They’re open Thursday and Friday this week (closed Saturday to cater a friend’s wedding; DJ Lion will be spinning the tunes Friday) and they’re open next weekend (Sept. 10, 11 and 12) but after that … nothing is certain. They might be open the weekend of Sept. 17, but it might not be a full weekend.

Maybe. Or maybe not.

“I know I won’t be here after next weekend,” says Bryan Jarr, the guy at the door.

“Tako Truk is done,” says Cormac Mahoney, the chef who creates the Truk’s food. “I need to get a job!” He doesn’t know where he’ll go next or what will happen to the Truk’s beloved favorites. 

In case you’re coming to this late, Tako Truk is not a truck and it doesn’t serve tacos that your grandma would recognize. It operates out of the kitchen at the 14 Carrot Cafe, 2305 Eastlake Ave. E., three nights a week from 6 p.m. until midnight or the food runs out. Bryan takes your money and your order at the door. Eat at the tables on the sidewalk out front or take your food to the Zoo or Voxx. 

The tacos are three for $5 or two for $5 for the octopus. Other entrees are usually also $5 each.

The menu features tacos such as the Coco Piggy (pork belly with the Truk’s signature teeny french fries), soups like the Drunken Stoup (beef tongue) and the place’s namesake, the Tako Taco (octopus, yogurt and other goodies). One of my favorites was the smelt salad: fried smelt (eat them head and all) over chickpeas. Different and oh, so good.

The Truk has been busy of late after being written up in the Seattle Times, numerous local blogs and magazines. One night last week, 30 people were waiting at one point for tacos, Bryan says. Even though it took a while to complete all the orders, “no one left.”

That’s loyalty.

The Truk was never intended to last forever. It was a summer event where Cormac, who used to cook at Sitka and Spruce across the street, could try out some of his ideas about street food. It was great fun while it lasted but, as the saying in the theater goes: Always leave the audience asking for more.

Cormac says he doesn’t know what happens next but he’ll let Eastlake Ave. know as soon as he does.

It’s been a great ride and has brought lots of people to the street corner of Eastlake and Lynn. Thanks, Tako Truk!

3 thoughts on “Tako Truk: Going, going …

  1. jjmccoy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tako Truk. Another great meal tonight.

    Cormac Mahoney, I will follow you to wherever you end up cooking next. You have a crazed superfan here in Eastlake! Keep us posted, love.

  2. Monica Guzman

    So cool that you guys did what you did. Thanks for livening up the neighborhood and giving so many their first taste of octopus taco!

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