Project at old Daly’s site moves a step forward

Development of a new commericial and office building on the former site of Daly’s Drive-In and a mini-mart moved a step forward on Thursday with issuance of a decision by the City’s Department of Planning and Development to conditionally grant a design review.

The DPD also determined that conditions placed on the design do not require a state environmental review.

The new building proposed for the site would be three stories with 6,220 square feet of retail at ground level and 45,895 square feet of office space above. There would be parking for 83 cars under the building.

Last week’s decision conditionally granting a design review focuses on departures from the city code in the area of parking location and access, loading berths, height of non-residential street-level space, blank facades and transparency at street level, and curb-cut width. 

The site drops off steeply from Eastlake down to the Yale Terrace alleyway. Some of the design conditions are concerned with access to the garage and loading docks from E. Edgar and Yale Terrace. In order to keep commercial traffic down on Yale Terrace in the evening, access to one level of parking will come off E. Edgar.

Also, deliveries to the building will be allowed from Eastlake Avenue if further approvals from DPD and the Seattle Department of Transportation are obtained. The parking garage will have 10-foot floor-to-ceiling heights instead of the 13-foot required.

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  • The DPD decision can be accessed here.
  • A PDF of plans for the site from the Callison Architects are here (these plans are from September 2008 and will probably be changed to reflect the design review by the city).

3 thoughts on “Project at old Daly’s site moves a step forward

  1. jjmccoy

    In fact, I’ve seen much worse here in Eastlake. This building looks ok. The size is in keeping with nearby buildings, the long facade is broken up into interesting sections, and it presents a human-scale, welcoming retail face to passers by.

    The real question is how the project will relate to the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop, which goes down the alley behind it on Yale Terrace. I was glad to see DPD add the following condition:

    “Yale Terrace shall be kept open and safely passable throughout the construction period. Temporary closures of Yale Terrace for very short duration specifically for work on the alley surface or utilities beneath the alley may be allowed based on the approved Construction Impact Management Plan.”

    The project will add a new garage entrance to Yale Terrace. DPD added a condition to make it right-turn only, but I can say from experience that the traffic conflicts here are going to be tricky. As a cyclist, even holding your brakes, you’re bound to gather major speed on the way down that slope, and the last thing you will want to see is a car coming out of the garage. I really wish there were another cycling route solution than that very hilly alley, because once this building comes online, the traffic conflicts will increase.

    One wordsmithy note — I love that the architect said the facades should “acknowledge and respond to any positive datum and rhythm” along the streets. Who talks like that? I googled “datum and rhythm” — this document and one other (probably by the same firm) are the only places on the internet that phrase appears. Of course, as soon as I hit send on this, the Eastlake blog will be a third google hit. Too funny.

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