P-Patch work party participants named; more work to be done

Rebecca Partington sends along the list of people who have helped out with the work parties at the Eastlake P-Patch, 2900 Fairview Ave. E., this weekend and last week. They are:

  • Kathryn Anderson
  • Robyn Anderson
  • Christine Cornell
  • Mark Cornell
  • Eric Dean
  • Barb Donnette
  • Jim Donnette
  • Claudia Dreiling
  • Tom Dreiling
  • Ramey Fair
  • Rain Gilman
  • Marge Grinnell
  • Andrew Houle
  • Lisa Hummel
  • Giff Jones
  • Mary Jones
  • Yvonne Jones
  • Mike Naylor
  • Tom Naylor
  • Bryan Partington
  • Jenni Risler
  • Vaughan Roach
  • Peter Streit

Rebecca says they’ll be working on Wednesday starting at 10 a.m.:

If you plan to come, please bring gloves and a water bottle. We plan to continue working on the rubble wall and hopefully will be able to work on the drainage in the lower north section of the expansion area.

The P-Patch is expanding and adding 20 new plots. If you help with the expansion, you’ll have a better chance of getting a plot.