Former P-I writer (and Eastlake resident) becomes a bar owner

Another post from the Weekly’s Mike Seely, this time about Mike Lewis, my former co-worker at the Seattle P-I. 

Mike, an Eastlake resident, has tended bar one night a week at the Streamline Tavern on Lower Queen Anne for several years. Now, Mike and three friends (one of whom is his girlfriend) have bought the venerable neighborhood joint. 

I was in the other night to see some friends and chat with Mike. He’s tending bar Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and still working as a journalist (doing stories for KPLU and writing for US Weekly, among other projects). 

The quartet is waiting for various liquor licensing issues to clear up before they take possession, Seely says. Mike told me that they’re also applying for a hard liquor license, which will mean dropping the word “tavern” from the sign out front.

I suggested to Mike that there should be enough stories out of the place to give him plenty of material to write about (he used to do the “Under the Needle” column at the P-I). Mike says he’s going to be blogging at but he has to go to WordPress boot camp first.‘s Monica Guzman, another Eastlake resident, also blogs about Mike.

If you’re in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood (why you’d ever leave Eastlake, I don’t know, but it happens), stop in and say hello.