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Candidate Forum 2009

The Eastlake Community Council is hosting their annual Candidate Forum 2009 and Eastlake Community Council Board Elections next week.

Scheduled to attend:

  • Seattle City Council candidates
  • Representatives of the mayoral candidates
  • Initiative supporters and opponents

TOPS-Seward School Library, 2500 Franklin Ave. E

Tuesday, October 6, 2009, 7 – 9 pm

Hope to see you there!

Project at old Daly’s site moves a step forward

Development of a new commericial and office building on the former site of Daly’s Drive-In and a mini-mart moved a step forward on Thursday with issuance of a decision by the City’s Department of Planning and Development to conditionally grant a design review.

The DPD also determined that conditions placed on the design do not require a state environmental review.

The new building proposed for the site would be three stories with 6,220 square feet of retail at ground level and 45,895 square feet of office space above. There would be parking for 83 cars under the building.

Last week’s decision conditionally granting a design review focuses on departures from the city code in the area of parking location and access, loading berths, height of non-residential street-level space, blank facades and transparency at street level, and curb-cut width. 

The site drops off steeply from Eastlake down to the Yale Terrace alleyway. Some of the design conditions are concerned with access to the garage and loading docks from E. Edgar and Yale Terrace. In order to keep commercial traffic down on Yale Terrace in the evening, access to one level of parking will come off E. Edgar.

Also, deliveries to the building will be allowed from Eastlake Avenue if further approvals from DPD and the Seattle Department of Transportation are obtained. The parking garage will have 10-foot floor-to-ceiling heights instead of the 13-foot required.

Related links:

  • The DPD decision can be accessed here.
  • A PDF of plans for the site from the Callison Architects are here (these plans are from September 2008 and will probably be changed to reflect the design review by the city).

Work continues at the P-Patch (with a short video)

Rebecca Partington shot a short video today showing work on the expansion at the Eastlake P-Patch, 2900 Fairview Ave. E. Looks like they’re making good progress on the hillside where the new plots will go.

Rebecca says there will be another work party Sunday morning at 10 a.m. As always, bring gloves and bottled water. Part of the criteria for assigning the new plots will be how much work you did to help with the expansion. Our previous post about the P-Patch and expansion plans is here .

Here’s the video:

P-Patch work party participants named; more work to be done

Rebecca Partington sends along the list of people who have helped out with the work parties at the Eastlake P-Patch, 2900 Fairview Ave. E., this weekend and last week. They are:

  • Kathryn Anderson
  • Robyn Anderson
  • Christine Cornell
  • Mark Cornell
  • Eric Dean
  • Barb Donnette
  • Jim Donnette
  • Claudia Dreiling
  • Tom Dreiling
  • Ramey Fair
  • Rain Gilman
  • Marge Grinnell
  • Andrew Houle
  • Lisa Hummel
  • Giff Jones
  • Mary Jones
  • Yvonne Jones
  • Mike Naylor
  • Tom Naylor
  • Bryan Partington
  • Jenni Risler
  • Vaughan Roach
  • Peter Streit

Rebecca says they’ll be working on Wednesday starting at 10 a.m.:

If you plan to come, please bring gloves and a water bottle. We plan to continue working on the rubble wall and hopefully will be able to work on the drainage in the lower north section of the expansion area.

The P-Patch is expanding and adding 20 new plots. If you help with the expansion, you’ll have a better chance of getting a plot.

Sledgehammer Writing Contest at Louisa's on Monday

Participants in the Sledgehammer Writing Contest will be reading their entries at Louisa’s, 2379 Eastlake Ave. E., starting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 21.

The contest began at noon on Saturday and ends at midnight on Sunday.

Writers gathered on Saturday and were given their first writing prompt. This sent them out across Seattle to gather four writing prompts. Their assignment was then to use those prompts to write a piece of fiction that they’ll read at Louisa’s. 

The writing is due in at midnight tonight (Sunday). Winners will be determined by the audience at the event on Monday evening.

Louisa’s is one of the Seattle sponsors. Event promoters say the prize money is at $8,000 and growing. Winners also get to read their pieces at Workstock and other venues.

86 Tako Truk: The final closing (with photos)

UPDATED at 9:35 p.m. with closing photos.

The last order: six CoCo Piggy.

Just before 9 p.m. one of Tako Truk‘s first customers became its last as the summer-only eatery served its final taco. Chef Cormac Mahoney called it and sent the last Tweet annoucing that the Truk was done.

Where will they go next? We’ll let you know when we know.


The e-mail is just in from Cormac Mahoney: Tonight (Friday, Sept. 18) will be Tako Truk’s last night.

If you haven’t been to eat Cormac’s spicy and wonderful food, you’d better get there ’cause after tonight it will be no more. They usually open around 6 and go until midnight or the food runs out.

If you’re the last to know, Tako Truk is the summer-only street-food eatery operated out of the front door of the 14 Carrot Cafe, 2305 Eastlake Ave E. Cormac is the chef. Bryan Jarr has been the guy at the door. And Miles Carl is Cormac’s assistant in the kitchen (and sometimes at the door).

Bryan’s last night with the Truk was last weekend. Thursday evening it was Cormac and Miles all on their own … and a line of loyal Truk devotees out front who refused to leave even though the wait was longer than usual.

I spent several hours there last Saturday videotaping the Truk crew in action. At the end of the evening, Cormac said that their goal had been to do something fun for the neighborhood and that he felt like they had succeeded. People came out to eat at Tako Truk or other restaurants, and meet and chat with their neighbors. The corner of E. Lynn and Eastlake E. was one of the most fun spots in town.

“I think it was a great summer,” Cormac said. I’d have to agree.

Cormac says he’ll let us know where the Tako Truk guys go next. Thanks for the great summer … and the CoCo Piggy! Thanks guys!


  • A Flickr photoset of Tako Truk pix
  • jjmccoy’s first post about Tako Truk
  • Tako Truk enters its final two weeks
  • Video of Tako Truk cooking for Eastlake street party on the Fourth of July

ECC Board hears update on NOAA, land use, Seward School

CORRECTION: This post has been updated since it was first published. Jules James also attended the TOPS@Seward Site Council Retreat, and the ECC Board’s intentions for the school and the way the new assignment system works have been clarified.

The Eastlake Community Council Board met Wednesday evening at Seward School. Among the topics on the agenda were a discussion of various land-use issues, nominations for the ECC Board and an update on the assignment plan for TOPS@Seward School.

Brian Ramey reported on the city’s efforts to update the neighborhood plans. Ramey is an alternate member on the Neighborhood Plan Advisory Committee and has been deeply involved in the process of updating the plans. The plans help the city prepare for and deal with growth and cover everything from delivery of city services to determining the character of each neighborhood and what the quality of life there will be.

There are 38 neighborhood plans but the process “doesn’t mean they all will be updated,” Ramey said. Any place with a transportation hub will be updated, he says.

Ramey feels the neighborhood residents on NPAC, who had been asserting themselves in the discussion, are being cut out of the process for revising the plans. He was not encouraged that the voice of the neighborhoods will be heard in the process.

ECC Vice President Chris Leman gave an update on NOAA’s proposed move from Lake Union to Newport, Oregon. NOAA has based its research ships at Lake Union since the 1960s.

The owners of the property NOAA occupies at Lake Union have filed an appeal of NOAA’s decision to move, as has the Port of Bellingham, another site that had been under consideration for the base. One basis for the appeal is that federal agencies aren’t allowed to build facilities in flood plains and the site in Newport is on a flood plain.

Leman said that NOAA now has 30 days to respond to the appeal. That will be followed by another 30-day period when the owners can respond to NOAA’s response. NOAA can’t act on the move until the issue has been resolved.

The board may send a letter to the state’s Congressional delegation about the matter at a future date. Leman said the goal is to keep the NOAA site “as a maritime use.”

ECC President Tim Ahlers and long-time Eastlake resident and business-owner Jules James had just attended the TOPS@Seward Site Council meeting. Ahlers and James also attended the site council’s retreat the previous weekend. Ahlers said they received an “extremely warm reception” at both meetings and that the group wants the neighborhood involved in and supportive of the school.

“It was very interesting to listen to the issues they’re running in to,” he said. The site council, which consists of the Seward principal, vice principal, members of the staff and parents representing each of the grades, is very engaged in what happens at the school, he added.

James talked about the assignment plan for Seward. Eastlake families would like to see a plan that allows more local children to be assigned to the school, he said. 

Right now, he explained, the school district’s assignment system makes it hard for Eastlake kids to get into Seward. Under the current assignment plan, living near Seward doesn’t help much when you try to get in (except for the kindergarten where there’s a little advantage, but not much).

The hope is that a way will be found to allow more Eastlake children in all grades to attend the school. 

The Seattle Public Schools have been working on a new assignment plan for two years. The new plan is based on simplicity, uniformity and geographic predictability. There will be three types of schools: Attendance Area, Option and Service. Service is for special needs kids. TOPS@Seward is an option school.

With an Attendance Area school, most of the kids who live nearby can get in. Under the new system, option schools will now each get a “geographic zone.” The tiebreaker draw used to help determine who gets in to schools will consider three things for option schools:

  1. Is there a sibling attending?
  2. The geographic zone
  3. A lottery

The geographic zone is the new consideration but there are questions: How big will the zone be? How often does it change size? What other criteria will be used to determine it? The first maps of the geographic zones for 97 city schools will be released Oct. 6.

James said the hope is that the geographic zone for Seward will include as much of Eastlake as possible. The ECC and the Seward Site Council will be watching closely, he says.

Fourteen current board members were nominated for re-election to their positions. They are:

  • Tim Ahlers — president
  • Chris Leman — vice president
  • Kate Dulemba — vice president 
  • Melissa Ahlers — secretary
  • Carsten Croff — treasurer
  • Kathi Woods
  • Carsten Stinn
  • Canek Gordillo
  • Mary Hansen
  • Craig MacGowan
  • James Metz
  • Joyce Lane
  • Russ Saimons
  • Susan Forhan

Ballots go out to all Eastlake Community Council members by Sept. 26 and are due on Oct. 6. You must be a dues-paying member of the ECC to vote. 

Memberships are $35 for an individual, $75 for a business, $10 for senior citizen/student/low income. Make your check payable to the ECC and mail it to the ECC at 117 E. Louisa #1, Seattle, 98102.

Ahlers says there is room for more board members. If you’re interested in serving, contact him by e-mail: timahlers206 (at)

On Oct. 6 from 7 to 9 p.m., the ECC will sponsor a candidates’ forum in the library at Seward School, 2500 Franklin Ave. E.


Former P-I writer (and Eastlake resident) becomes a bar owner

Another post from the Weekly’s Mike Seely, this time about Mike Lewis, my former co-worker at the Seattle P-I. 

Mike, an Eastlake resident, has tended bar one night a week at the Streamline Tavern on Lower Queen Anne for several years. Now, Mike and three friends (one of whom is his girlfriend) have bought the venerable neighborhood joint. 

I was in the other night to see some friends and chat with Mike. He’s tending bar Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and still working as a journalist (doing stories for KPLU and writing for US Weekly, among other projects). 

The quartet is waiting for various liquor licensing issues to clear up before they take possession, Seely says. Mike told me that they’re also applying for a hard liquor license, which will mean dropping the word “tavern” from the sign out front.

I suggested to Mike that there should be enough stories out of the place to give him plenty of material to write about (he used to do the “Under the Needle” column at the P-I). Mike says he’s going to be blogging at but he has to go to WordPress boot camp first.‘s Monica Guzman, another Eastlake resident, also blogs about Mike.

If you’re in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood (why you’d ever leave Eastlake, I don’t know, but it happens), stop in and say hello.

Weekly gives kudos to Pazzo’s pizza

This week’s edition of the Weekly rates Eastlake’s Pazzo’s, 2307 Eastlake Ave. E., in a tie for third with Vince’s of the Rainier Valley for best inexpensive pizza in Seattle (they use the phrase “bottomfeeder” to describe the price range, but I’m not going there … they’re talking $20 or less for a pie).

Says the Weekly’s Mike Seely of Pazzo’s and Vince’s:

Dry crust, huge sausages, generous amounts of cheese–both purveyors cook down-home tavern pizza at its finest, and I defy anyone to pick one from the other in a blind taste test.

Congrats! Now … let’s go eat!

SPD West Precinct picnic is Thursday

The Seattle Police Department’s West Precinct will be having its annual picnic and open house on Thursday, Sept. 17, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The precinct is located downtown at 810 Virginia St.

Eastlake south of S. Lynn Street is patrolled by the West Precinct, so we have a connection with these officers. This would be a good chance to get to meet them and build some relationships.

There will be tours of the precinct and they promise fun for all ages. The Seattle Police Foundation is sponsoring the event.