Movie Night weather forecast; plus: a missing movie scene

AccuWeather says we’ll have good weather for Saturday evening’s Eastlake Movie Night: cool and partly sunny.

Their forecast is 73 for a high on Saturday, with a low of 59 and patchy clouds.

We’d recommend packing a jacket or blanket with your lawn chair and your movie snacks. It might be cool!

To recap: “Groundhog Day” will be screened at the Rogers Playfield this coming Saturday, Aug. 29, starting at dusk. Sunset is officially set for 8:01 p.m.

Today’s “Groundhog Day” trivia (courtesy of the Internet Movie Database):

  • The IMDb reports that the movie has a “lost scene:”

“The original version that was released to the movie theatres contained an extra scene with Phil and Rita at the bar. In it, she explains how she likes sweet vermouth with a twist because it reminds her of how the sun hits the buildings in Rome in the afternoon, and also how she would like to live in the mountains. In the VHS release, this scene has been cut, but the next scene in which Phil repeats these things to Rita, still remains.”

The scene has been re-instated in some DVD versions of the movie. Will we see it on Saturday? Stay tuned!