Meet Mary Hansen, Eastlake Movie Night poster designer

This year’s Eastlake Movie Night is just a little over a week away. “Groundhog Day” will be screened at Rogers Playfield starting at dusk on Saturday, Aug. 29.

You may have seen the posters for the event in the neighborhood. The artist was longtime Eastlake resident Mary Hansen.

Hansen created the poster by hand in color pencil. The whole thing is hand drawn with no digital assist.

“I’m not much of a computer person,” Hansen says, adding that she feels she should do more work like the Movie Night poster (yes, we agree!).

Hansen has lived in Eastlake since 1985 when she was a student at Cornish. She studied painting there. One of her instructors was the legendary Northwest painter Bill Cumming.

She does interior design work at Mary Hansen Design, some commercial but mostly residential work, including houseboats. She also loves to garden. And, she’s a member of the Eastlake Community Council Board.

“I just love our neighborhood!” she says.

Thanks for the great poster, Mary! See you all at the Movie Night.

6 thoughts on “Meet Mary Hansen, Eastlake Movie Night poster designer

  1. KateD

    AJussel- absolutely. Will you be able to attend the movie night? If so, I’ll bring a copy. If not, we’ll figure something else out.

  2. ajussel

    I hope to swing down there. I’m moving this week and trying to get the new condo set up!

    If not, I’d love to steal a print. I’m a new resident to the area and would love to get involved!

  3. stephen winter

    great poster mary hansen–any way I could get one these advertisement works of art?

    Stephen W.

  4. Mark

    Your looking good miss see you in coupeville? great picture say
    Hi to tom for me!
    Great poster
    ps I am now working at boeing And I was one with alice martin in

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