Eastlake Movie Night: A wonderful evening under the stars

What a great evening!

The Eastlake Movie Night 2009 finished just a bit ago. It was a perfect evening: great weather, good neighbors, stars in the sky and stars on the movie screen.

And “Groundhog Day” was a perfect choice for the movie.

Kate Dulemba deserves a big round of applause from her Eastlake neighbors for organizing the event, which included moving in and installing a movie screen (daredevil work by James Metz on hanging the beast), arranging for a projector, sound equipment and a generator to run it all. It’s more complicated than it looks. Thanks, Kate!

James Metz did great work finding more sponsors to help make the night a reality. I’ll put up a list of all the sponsors tomorrow.

And thanks to everyone else who helped out. Can’t wait for next year!