Port of Bellingham, Seattle property owner both appeal NOAA move

Update at 6:30 p.m.: The Seattle Times reports that the owners of the property NOAA occupies at Lake Union filed a protest on Friday of the move to Newport. The Times quotes Roque Deherrera, of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development as saying: ”I think we have a great chance.”

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Crosscut.com reports that the Port of Bellingham decided late Thursday to file an appeal of NOAA’s move of their base to Newport, Oregon. The basis for the appeal: A regulation from the Carter presidency that prohibits building federal facilities on wetlands and flood plains. And the Newport base would sit on a 100-year flood plain.

From Crosscut:

At that [Bellingham Port Commissioner's] meeting (August 19) Bellingham Port attorney Frank Chmelik told the Commissioners that while NOAA might have miscalculated some of the technical factors in choosing Newport, those factors weren’t likely to lead to overturn the agency’s decision. But the flood plain restriction is of a different nature. This could be a game-changer, Chmelik believes. “With the new information we have found, ” Chmelik told the commissioners, “I believe that if this issue prevails the Port will have the opportunity to actually get NOAA.”

No word if this will help Seattle’s case to keep NOAA on Lake Union.