Stats show Eastlake by the numbers (you may be surprised)

As we noted in a recent post, Seattle Police Department crime statistics for Eastlake are almost useless for those of us who actually live here because we get mixed in with other parts of the city (Capitol Hill, for instance).

This isn’t true of the statistics on population, housing and employment. The City’s Department of Planning and Development, in it’s Draft Status Report on the Eastlake Residential Urban Village, gathers up stats from the 2000 Census and the Washington Employment Security Department to give a look at Eastlake by-the-numbers.

And, what turns up may surprise you (keep in mind that these numbers are slightly out of date):

  • The estimated population for Eastlake in 2007 was 4,247.
  • The vast majority of us (87.7%) are white. The next largest ethnic group is Asian at 6.3%.
  • We’re relatively young: 44% of us are between the ages of 25 and 34. Next largest age group is 35-54 at 28.7%. Senior citizens (65 and older) are 4.2%.
  • A big surprise: The vast majority of Eastlake residents (75.6%) are renters. There are 902 units of housing here.
  • There are 2,760 households in Eastlake, or 14 per acre. The City’s target for density in 2024 is 15 households per acre.
  • We do pretty well financially: 82% of us have incomes of 2 times the poverty level or higher. Some of us aren’t so fortunate: 7.2% live below the poverty level (the poverty level for a family of four is income below $20,050 a year).
  • There are 724 jobs in the neighborhood and 259,994 square feet of commercial space.

Interesting stuff and worth checking out. The complete report is here.

Thanks to Tim Ahlers for sending along the link to the City’s report.