It’s too darn HOT! Where in Eastlake do you cool off?

Zowie! The temperatures are expected to climb to almost 100 by the middle of the week. THAT’S hot!

Everyone is looking for ways to stay cool. What’s your favorite Eastlake place to cool off? Or is there something else you do in the neighborhood when the temperature zooms to the stratosphere?

Tell us your favorite Eastlake cooling off ideas or places in the comments. An iced mocha from Voxx or Louisa’s? A cold beer at the Zoo or a cold cocktail at the Eastlake Bar & Grill? A dip in Lake Union? Or … what? 

Stay cool!


4 thoughts on “It’s too darn HOT! Where in Eastlake do you cool off?

  1. Tim A.

    jump in the lake from any of the public street end parks. there are often less-obvious places to enter from the public shoreline as well. ask a local if you’re curious…

  2. joshfromseattle

    Grab a drink at the tiki bar on the deck of Eastlake Bar and Grill while the breeze cools you down.

  3. Little Red Ryan Hood

    As much as I love the zoo I’d warn against going there to cool off. It’s like an oven in there and the beers aren’t pouring well in the heat. It makes me sad to not be able to spend as much time there.

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