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University Bridge to stay closed overnight due to the heat

UPDATE at 6:39 a.m. Thursday: SDOT says the University Bridge has been inspected and can resume opening to allow marine traffic to go through.

The Seattle Department of Transportation is leaving the University Bridge closed over night Wednesday. The high temperatures have caused the bridge’s metal to expand and SDOT is worried that opening the bridge might cause damage.

From the SDOT press release:

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will leave the bridge in a closed position overnight to prevent any structural damage and adverse impacts to emergency response. After the bridge contracts overnight in cooler temperatures, SDOT structural engineers will inspect it at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday morning to reevaluate its condition and determine if normal operations can resume.

So, if you’re taking your boat through the bridge tonight, you’re going to have to wait until the morning.


A warm summer’s evening in Eastlake

The heat has descended on Eastlake this evening like a warm, moist cloud. Sounds are muffled and people talk quietly as though the weather has sapped their energy to speak louder.

Fairview Avenue, never the busiest of streets, seems even slower tonight. Cars float by and people are seen drinking a cold beer or exiting Pete’s with an ice cream bar.

Anna Lawton, whose husband works on a yacht on the lake, was carrying supplies out of Pete’s, including sacks of crushed ice, one of which she balanced briefly on her head. Did it help? a passerby asked. Yes, she said. It made her feel cooler.

Many are drawn to the outdoors and, especially, the lake in an effort to cool off. Dogs are seen chasing sticks in the water or just standing and panting as their owners splash them. People jump off houseboats for a quiet swim or slowly paddle a canoe or kayak out in to the lake. Boats drift languidly by. The sun sets behind Gas Works and the Aurora Bridge. Everything glows briefly orange.

Windows are open. You hear the occasional whir of a fan and disconnected voices. The clatter of silverware on plates echoes, the indicator of a late supper.

People are waiting for a breeze and hoping it cools off so they can sleep. Tomorrow’s forecast: even hotter.

It’s too darn HOT! Where in Eastlake do you cool off?

Zowie! The temperatures are expected to climb to almost 100 by the middle of the week. THAT’S hot!

Everyone is looking for ways to stay cool. What’s your favorite Eastlake place to cool off? Or is there something else you do in the neighborhood when the temperature zooms to the stratosphere?

Tell us your favorite Eastlake cooling off ideas or places in the comments. An iced mocha from Voxx or Louisa’s? A cold beer at the Zoo or a cold cocktail at the Eastlake Bar & Grill? A dip in Lake Union? Or … what? 

Stay cool!


Community Council needs help with filing

The Eastlake Community Council needs help with the filing of its back archives. A work party has been scheduled for Monday, July 27, from 10 a.m. to noon, to work on this project.

The ECC has an archives/board room at Seward School, 2500 Franklin Ave. E., by the north courtyard just off Roanoke. Betty Gard, an experienced librarian and archivist, is donating her time to help the ECC get its files in order, but she needs assistance.

Chris Leman, ECC vice president, says they may work outside in the shaded courtyard. Beverages, ice and fans will be provided.


Planning a Night Out event? Let us know

Night Out for 2009 is coming on Tuesday, Aug. 4. You have until Friday, July 31, to register your block party event with the Seattle Police Department.

We’ll put up a post late this week with details about any local Night Out events. I saw a poster for the Franklin Avenue block party yesterday. Sounds like fun!

The block parties are part of the national Night Out Against Crime event. The idea is to help neighbors get to know each other and their neighborhood, and to celebrate their anti-crime efforts. If neighbors know each other, the idea goes, they will work more effectively together to help prevent crime.

When you register at the SPD web site, remember that if you live north of E. Lynn, you’re in the East Precinct. South of Lynn and you’re in the West Precinct.

Send me your info: curtmilton (at)

Lost cat: Have you seen Miles?

Miles has been missing since Thursday.

UPDATE: Miles has been found! Hal reports that he found Miles tonight (Saturday, Aug. 8), stuck under a low crawl space under the neighboring building’s deck. “He seems relatively healthy and has been purring nonstop since he returned home,” Hal e-mails. That’s great news!

Miles is a black and white domestic short hair. He’s 8 years old and is neutered.

He disappeared from the 2700 block of Franklin Ave. E. early on the morning of Thursday, July 23.

If you find him, please call 206-328-2147 or 206-755-4779. There is a reward.


Details on 21 townhouses planned for Wards Cove

CORRECTION: Eight houses will be taken down to make way for the project, not nine as previously stated.‘s real estate blogger, Aubrey Cohen, has details on The Enclave, 21 high-end townhouses planned for the 2800 block of Fairview E. as part of the Wards Cove redevelopment.

Cohen reports the homes would have three levels, range in size from 2,500 to 3,000 square feet and have base prices at a little over $1 million. The Seattle Condo Blog says:

“Residents will have access to the Wards Cove Marina Club, which includes a fitness center, a conference facility, a guest suite and full-service moorage for larger vessels up to 110 feet in length. Alternatively, owners can choose nearby dry-stack boat moorage across the Montlake Cut by using a small tender on the dock. An adjacent beach is also ideal for launching kayaks and canoes or taking a swim in the lake – all at the doorstep of future homeowners.”

Artist’s rendering of planned townhouses.

Seattle Condo Blog says each home will have a rooftop terrace, private garages and the possibility of private elevators. They say groundbreaking could begin this fall.

Other links:

  • Plans for the Wards Cove redevelopent, which includes tearing down eight houses to make way for the project, were detailed in this Seattle P-I story in April, 2006.
  • The Wards Cove company web site is here.
  • Details on the new marina, office building and floating home slips which have already been built are here.


Construction on Wards Cove townhouses expected by year’s end

At a time when real estate development seems to be on hold everywhere, one project is moving forward: The Enclave at Wards Cove on Fairview Avenue E.

A preview of the project for brokers and potential homeowners took place Thursday evening, July 23, at the new office building and marina at Wards Cove. Nick Glant of NWG Real Estate says the project has been “well received.”

Twenty one three-story townhouses will be built on the east side of Fairview, starting at the corner at Hamlin and working south. Prices are “anticipated” to start at $1.3 million, according to a press release for the project. While presales haven’t begun yet, Glant says seven people did sign residential agreements this week.

One house on the site has already been removed. Glant says that was necessary to clean up soil contamination from the old Bar Mart site above. The open lot marks where the second phase of the project will be located. Construction on the first phase, which will begin at the corner of Hamlin and Fairview and will require the removal of the remaining houses between the now-vacant lot and the corner at Hamlin, is expected to start by the end of the year, he says.

Construction is down across Seattle and that has benefitted The Enclave. It has enabled Trinity Real Estate, developers of the project, to see construction cost savings of 20% to 30%, according to a press release announcing Thursday’s preview event. 

Residents of The Enclave will enjoy rooftop decks, access to the new marina, a gym and a guest suite in the new office building on the site. Units will range from 2,500 square feet to more than 3,000.

Glant is presenting the property to perspective buyers. Trinity Real Estate is the developer and Atelier Jones is the architect.

Other parts of the Wards Cove redevelopment include 12 houseboat slips, a marina and a new office building. Those are being developed separately from The Enclave.

Other links:

  • Our previous post on The Enclave.
  • Plans for the Wards Cove redevelopent were detailed in this Seattle P-I story in April, 2006.
  • The Wards Cove company web site is here.
  • Details on the new marina, office building and floating home slips which have already been built are here.

Eastlake Outdoor Movie Night: What film do you want to see?

Cary Grant and Sophia Loren in “Houseboat.”

Outdoor movies used to be simple affairs. You may remember.

The first one I ever attended was the Fremont Outdoor Cinema, back in its heyday, when the movie was shown on a real film projector and people brought their lawn chairs and the occasional sofa to a scruffy parking lot on a warm summer’s evening. It was spontaneous, silly and lots of fun.

Then, everyone discovered outdoor movie-going. That Fremont parking lot, home of the original outdoor movie, now sits under a PCC, and cinema au naturale has, for the most part, gone corporate.

On Aug. 29, you’ll have a chance to turn back the clock and enjoy a movie outdoors the way it was intended when you and your neighbors gather at Rogers Playfield at sundown for the Second Annual Eastlake Outdoor Movie Night. No big corporate sponsors, just a bunch of movie lovers, a large expanse of cool, green grass and a classic film.

But which film? That’s the question.

Do you have a favorite you’d like to see? It needs to be something that would be OK for most ages to view. Scary would probably be good, but not too bloody. Funny but not too naughty. Not too heavey. It’s summer … something fun!

I’m going to nominate “Houseboat,” starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this 1958 comedy, but this is Eastlake and we’ve got lots of houseboats. How could you go wrong? Cary’s a widower trying to raise his three precocious kids. They think Sophia is the new maid, but she’s actually an Italian socialite trying to get away from her overly protective father.

Or there’s that other floating home movie, actually set on an Eastlake houseboat: “Sleepless in … ” something. What’s it called? You may have heard of it. That might be nice.

What do you want to see? Put your suggestions on the comments and maybe your movie will be picked. And then come on the 29th and enjoy the show!