Saturday work party preps P-Patch for expansion

Volunteers clear space for the new P-Patch plots.

Saturday morning was busy in Eastlake’s P-Patch as volunteers gathered to clear vegetation in preparation for a planned expansion. At least 20 people (probably more) were chopping and clearing.

The P-Patch, in the 2900 block of Fairview Ave. E., is set to grow from 27 plots to 47 plots. Most of the new plots will be on the hill overlooking the original garden. The new plots will be 100 square feet each versus 200 square feet for the original plots.

Saturday’s work group cleared brush from the area where the new plots will go, put leaf compost on planting beds next to the stairs and did other work around the garden.

Jenni Risler works the compost bin.

Contact Rebecca and Bryan Partington for more information on the expansion plans. They can be reached at or (206) 601-3453. Rebecca’s recent post about the expansion is here.

For information about the existing plots, contact Sandy Pernitz at For general information about the Eastlake P-Patch, visit the website.

A post from April about Spring preparations in the P-Patch (along with a photo gallery) is here.