Provide input to the city about updating Eastlake’s neighborhood plan

What’s a neighborhood plan? According to the city’s Dept. of Neighborhoods website, neighborhood plans “identify actions needed to ensure that each neighborhood will continue to thrive and improve as Seattle grows over the next 20 years in ways that meet our commitments under the State’s Growth Management Act.”

The city is now looking at updating the neighborhood plans, and they’re looking for our input. For background reading, take a look at Eastlake’s current neighborhood plan, which was developed about 10 years ago. (Be forewarned — it’s very detailed.)

Here’s the current status report on updating the plans. The way to get involved right now is to watch a short intro video, and then fill out a quick survey.

Next step in the process: the city will be doing more public meetings, tentatively scheduled for October, where comments and survey feedback will be reviewed and then they will start the process of documenting the status of the neighborhood.

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