Not a taco and not a truck, but yum!

Partner and I just had a bite at Tako Truk, the new streetside offering in Eastlake that’s furthering the street food meme currently captivating Seattle. NW corner of Eastlake & Lynn, next to the Zoo.

It’s very good. We’ll be back. Fresh flavorful ingredients. Good char on the grilled items. Fun, inventive combinations in fresh, tiny tortillas. They’ll tweet you the menu and when they run out if you like.

The name is playful. Very decidedly not Mexican tacos — tonight’s fillings included pork belly & lentil, octopus, sweet yam & black bean, chicken & slaw & microfries. Also not in a truck — they borrow 13 Carrot Cafe’s kitchen during the evening when it’s closed, and you sit outside.

$5 gets you 2 or 3 tacos, depending on the ingredients — each about two good bites.

It’s a nice adjunct to the Zoo next door. With that and Louisa’s new evening hours, dinner in Eastlake is getting more options. Yea!

3 thoughts on “Not a taco and not a truck, but yum!

  1. cdmilton

    They Tweet when they’re open and if they run out of something: Cool!

  2. cdmilton

    Had to stop there tonight. Great food and nice people. As I’ve been telling folks: Not your grannie’s taco! Helps add more street life to Eastlake. And it’s only for the summer so go soon or you’ll miss out.

    I’m laughing: I blog about the pending July 4 traffic apocalypse. John blogs about TakoTruk. I get to hits. He gets 58. I see what you’re all interested in!

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