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What businesses are open in Eastlake on the Fourth? Check our list

Everyone is bracing for record crowds descending on Eastlake for the Fourth of July. Those crowds and police traffic restrictions will make it tricky heading out for supplies.

What to do if you run out of ice or want a latte or a beer? Go local!

Many businesses in Eastlake, everything from food to flowers, will be open for the Fourth. The list is after the jump.

UPDATE: Added two more restaurants that will be open on the Fourth. Also, Louisa’s hours updated and special menu items added. The Seattle Times has a city-wide list of what’s open and closed on the holiday.




Did I miss anyone? Let me know at curtmilton (at)

SPD outlines Wallingford traffic plan for the Fourth

And, as you’d suspect, it’s going to be even tougher than their Eastlake plan.

Traffic restrictions in the area north of Gas Works Park go into effect at noon. There will be designated access points for residents and guests. After 6 p.m., the access points move one block farther out. No parking in the area for those wanting to watch the fireworks.

And the Seattle Police Department will require guests visiting friends inside the restricted area to have invitations showing the address they are headed to.

The complete SPD blog post is here.

UPDATE: has a post with a map showing the restricted zone.


Provide input to the city about updating Eastlake’s neighborhood plan

What’s a neighborhood plan? According to the city’s Dept. of Neighborhoods website, neighborhood plans “identify actions needed to ensure that each neighborhood will continue to thrive and improve as Seattle grows over the next 20 years in ways that meet our commitments under the State’s Growth Management Act.”

The city is now looking at updating the neighborhood plans, and they’re looking for our input. For background reading, take a look at Eastlake’s current neighborhood plan, which was developed about 10 years ago. (Be forewarned — it’s very detailed.)

Here’s the current status report on updating the plans. The way to get involved right now is to watch a short intro video, and then fill out a quick survey.

Next step in the process: the city will be doing more public meetings, tentatively scheduled for October, where comments and survey feedback will be reviewed and then they will start the process of documenting the status of the neighborhood.

To stay informed, join the ECC announcement email list and we’ll let you know when the next public meeting takes place. Have questions or want to send your thoughts to the ECC board? Email us at


Lawsuit filed to stop July 4 fireworks’s Levi Pulkkinen reports that a Seattle resident has filed a lawsuit to stop the Fourth of July fireworks at Gas Works Park.

Benjamin Schroeter’s suit says the city failed to do an environmental assessment on the event. A city spokesperson says an environmental assessment isn’t required for one-time events. No date has been set for a hearing on the suit.

Read the complete story here.

UPDATE: The Seattle Times also has a report. And check the link for a PDF of the legal papers in the suit.


Is your business open on the Fourth?

Let me know if your business will be open on the Fourth of July. I’ll compile a list and put it on the blog.

For instance, I know Tako Truk is planning to be open with a more-minimal-than-usual menu. Anyone else? Contact me at

I’ll try to make some personal contacts this week to fill in what’s going on and who’s open but e-mails are always appreciated. Thanks!


Saturday work party preps P-Patch for expansion

Volunteers clear space for the new P-Patch plots.

Saturday morning was busy in Eastlake’s P-Patch as volunteers gathered to clear vegetation in preparation for a planned expansion. At least 20 people (probably more) were chopping and clearing.

The P-Patch, in the 2900 block of Fairview Ave. E., is set to grow from 27 plots to 47 plots. Most of the new plots will be on the hill overlooking the original garden. The new plots will be 100 square feet each versus 200 square feet for the original plots.

Saturday’s work group cleared brush from the area where the new plots will go, put leaf compost on planting beds next to the stairs and did other work around the garden.

Jenni Risler works the compost bin.

Contact Rebecca and Bryan Partington for more information on the expansion plans. They can be reached at or (206) 601-3453. Rebecca’s recent post about the expansion is here.

For information about the existing plots, contact Sandy Pernitz at For general information about the Eastlake P-Patch, visit the website.

A post from April about Spring preparations in the P-Patch (along with a photo gallery) is here.



Big Blog meet-up is at Louisa’s on Wednesday

Monica Guzman writes for’s Monica Guzman, blogger extraordinaire, will be having her weekly Big Blog meet-up at Louisa’s on Wednesday. This is a chance for bloggers and others interested in new media or what’s going on online to gather and chat.

Or, look at it as a chance to tell Monica about what’s up with Eastlake (she may be moving to our neighborhood). The Big Blog group met at Voxx last winter and it was fun and interesting with a great mix of people. 

I used to work with Monica at the P-I, so I’m a little partial, but I think her meet-ups are some of the better gatherings of this type I’ve been to.

And, this is a good chance to try out Louisa’s new evening hours and menu. See you there!


Noise walls celebrated at community picnic on Boylston

Neighbors celebrate in front of the new noise walls.

About 70 people attended Wednesday night’s celebration of the completion of the Boylston and Harvard avenues noise wall projects. The event was on the now-much-quieter front lawn of Harvey and Hisako Nakaya on Boylston Ave. E.

Sen. Ed Murray, right

State Sen. Ed Murray stopped by to thank the neighbors and talk about the project. Erin Fletcher, Washington State Department of Transportation project engineer for the noise walls, thanked Sen. Murray. She also talked about the upcoming study of noise-reducing material on the Ship Canal Bridge Express Lanes (a video post about this week’s informational meetings on that study is in the works).

Thanks to the Eastlake Community Council for sponsoring the event and providing soft drinks, assorted sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs.

The WSDOT sent along the photos. 

I-5 ramp closures on July 4: an update

Officer Mark Wong of the Seattle Police Department reports that he has heard from the State Patrol about when three I-5 ramps (Roanoke exit, Boylston entrance and Mercer exit) will close on July 4. The State Patrol says the ramps will close by 9:30 p.m. and should be open as soon after the fireworks show (which begins at 10) as possible.

At a June 8 meeting sponsored by the Eastlake Community Council, Officer Wong said the opening of the ramps usually begins with Mercer and ends with Roanoke. If you have guests arriving via I-5 for the fireworks, they should get here before 9:30 p.m. At the meeting, Officer Wong and Lt. Deanna Nollette (she’s in charge of police coverage for Eastlake on the Fourth) said ideally guests should arrive by 6:30-7 p.m.

For more on the SPD plans for the Fourth, see our post from June 8.