Is Parking an Issue in Eastlake?

I hate to make this my first submission to the news site, but here goes…

I work in this neighborhood, but due to Metro’s schedule and location of my workplace, I end up driving. I am a Seattleite and my employer provides some parking. However, the medium-sized employer I work for does not have nearly enough spaces for the approximately 100 people that work on-site.

Two employees are able to utilize the employer’s transit benefit, which isn’t as strong as many of the area employer’s offerings.

I had never received a parking ticket in my life and then I moved to Seattle. I have received four tickets over my years in this area and the parking only seems to be getting tighter. To clarify, only weekday parking seems to be tighter. I have dropped by work on the weekend and am amazed at how open this area is.

Does anyone work with the Fred Hutcheson/Bill Gates complexes on parking policy? What about, as the Eastlake Community Council said in their newsletter, lobbying the city to do away with “commuter parking restrictions” on either side of Eastlake?

If anyone is wondering, parking over 2-4 hours in the neighborhood is a $44 ticket. This is a frustrating hit to me, since I work under Seattle’s median wage by about $20,000/annually. It also seems like the parking enforcement staff like targeting around my employer and I’ve seen employees of other large companies in the area walking farther and farther to work.

Any solutions?

One thought on “Is Parking an Issue in Eastlake?

  1. joshuadf

    Sorry to hear of your trouble. You don’t provide details of the issues with Metro’s schedule, but you may want to see if taking an express bus downtown and then the 66 or 70 back to Eastlake would work for you (they both come to the 3rd and Pike stop behind Borders). I know it is counter-intuitive, but I’ve done this to get to meetings at the Hutch. It certainly takes longer than driving, but it’s cheaper than pay lots (and a lot cheaper than parking tickets it sounds like!)

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