Volunteer opportunities in Eastlake

Chris Leman sends the following:

Volunteers are needed tomorrow (Thursday, April 23), 8:30-11:30 a.m., on the east Lake Union shore between NOAA and Lake Union Drydock. Join 20 high school students in helping with the remaining planting and to spread mulch. The mulch keeps weeds down and helps keep the soil moist during the summer.  Bring raingear, gloves and sturdy shoes.

And now that we’ve restored the lakebank between NOAA and Lake Union Drydock with native plants, we need to water them in the coming months. Once the plants get established, they won’t need watering, but they do need it for the first few summers. Please call (206) 322-5463 or e-mail cleman@oo.net to sign up for a future weekday or weekend. Also, we need donations of hoses, nozzles, soaker hoses and sprinklers, which you can leave by the tool hutch at 1609 Fairview (near the trash can).

Volunteers are also needed to help inventory Eastlake’s trees, especially the large ones which we are fast losing from lack of priority. This will involve filling out an inventory form and it would be good also to take a photo. Instructions and advice will be provided. To get involved: eastlakeplants@comcast.net andinfo@eastlakeseattle.org.  See the article on page 4 of the April/May Eastlake News (PDF), which is also available at www.eastlakeseattle.org.